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ARCRA is an Educational Research Company. There is a proven and consistent need for educational tools and applications, and this need will carry forward into the foreseeable future. Thanks to technology and instant information on the internet, the industry of education is continually growing to keep up with the demand, and is ongoing. ARCRA is the creator of the Erudite Pro Application. The Erudite Pro Application is an online tool that facilitates teaching vocabulary words and spelling by utilizing a vocabulary database developed from existing teacher's content of real world vocabulary tests to students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Training materials within the application include a video, pretests, and immediate results that can be tracked by educators/parents. This application can be shared between schools, and therefore allows for non-biased comparison among individual students and grade levels

ARCRA Mission Statement

ARCRA's mission is to put education first and to enhance and supplement education programs both in and out of the classroom by creating tools and applications that are accessible and reliable.  Applications such as The Erudite Pro Application allow students to improve the skills they have, and to expand their horizons.  ARCRA ultimately intends to reach schools and students nationally so that everyone has access to their highly effective and beneficial educational products.  ARCRA also has a dedicated mission to give back to the community by working with organizations such as The Children's Hospital and providing the technology that will move students forward towards their goals.


Michelle Cunningham
The founder of ARCRA and the creator of Erudite Pro. I used my skills and experience as a technical Project Manager to help assemble a team of teachers, administrators, artists, business professionals and technical people (geeks like me) to help turn this vision into a reality.
Lawrence Jernigan
Lead Programmer
Lawrence is lead programmer with Pixel Perfect Softworks. Has been programming for almost 30 years.
Pam Van Horn Howard
Pam is a consultant, editor, and writer. She holds a PhD in Research Methods and Statistics (University of Denver), a MA in Curriculum and Instruction (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), and a BA in English (University of Northern Colorado). She is a former high school English teacher and university instructor.


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